Entek Solutions is based out of New Jersey, USA. Entek Solutions takes pride in having served and continue to serve reputed fortune 500 clients and enterprises with software services, Consulting services, and solutions that best suites them. Entek solutions Inc., is established in New Jersey and has offices in New Jersey and also in Hyderabad, India. We at Entek Solutions Inc., have over 25 years of experience in serving our esteemed clients.

We provide innovative and practical solutions to complex business problems using Technology

Entek Solutions believes in people. Entek Solutions believes in Technology. A combination of the right people using the right technology is the Mantra that Entek Solutions uses to help our clients.

We partner with our clients to drive real innovation; helping them transform and grow their organizations. We work with companies from all industries and provide them with Technical Solutions.

Entek Solutions provides:

  • Advisory Services
  • Technical Services
  • Business and management Services